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The project unites several strategic technologies for analysis and managing of information sources:

Personalized pack of recommendations for everyday use – scheduled information (meeting and purchase notes, weather and traffic, dates, future payments, business).

Personal notes analysis computer analysis of incoming and outgoing messages includes generation of vocabularies and message spectrum change evaluation. For example, notices on SMS promises given, tasks from key customers, changes in emotional content of love group subscribers.

Voice synthesizer for news and advices synchronizes and provides brief info from recommendations to analysis. That could be installed as assistant with dialog option Would you like to listen to daily advices? Is there any news in your interest field? Etc.

Business summary summarize results for the given period of time on a wide range of parameters finance, car traffic, communications.

Close friends - for the curtain subscribers or exported links from the social nets permanent monitoring of close friend-subscribers (on mutual agreement basis) is performed. And also written or voice info could be given like weve just entered restaurant where your friend N is.

Portioned advertizing notice or product placement in the sphere of interests like last time you were in our restaurant, in the nearest future we have discounts or new menu may take place.

TUMBALA web-site could be used as web-search media (transferring requests to usual search programs) fixing requests made in a user profile and generating groups of users with the same interests in a search area. Besides that, crucially new handling of search results will take place considering clear spheres of interest (for example, in the simple case delete advertizing, only original links (sources) could be given, find most complete source, etc., or consider preference statistics received all web-search and its handling could be presented in different windows.

Command for different devices (like cars) we promote the special equipment for generation of secure channel with a web-site, and getting commands via web. Command panel for the device is generated on PC or mobile gadget connected to the device. The device itself is switched via standard interface to board computers, but it has limited command options (for example, engine could be started on and off, but no motion without a key can be performed). Feedback channel of the device is used for technical systems diagnostics and evaluation of current status, like fuel level in the tank, inner temperature, etc.

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